ARimini Caput Viarum is a storytelling place, a multimedia and interactive tour which offers visitors the unique experience of reliving the story of Ariminum, the ancient roman Rimini with its treasures and beauty, offering suggestions to undertake a comprehensive and engaging journey in the territory.

Designed using new languages, evocative images, interactive technologies, exhibition areas and information tools, the Visitor Center offers tourists the opportunity to be active players of a narration intertwined with history.

A history that is still tangible today in the rich and well preserved archaeological heritage, enriched over the centuries by beautiful architecture, from the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance: an important legacy that has influenced the history of Rimini up to the present day.

The Visitor Center also provides visitors with a thorough summary of tourist opportunities, places and events of Rimini, an area rich in attractions that go beyond the cultural ones.

Hera "Sustainable Tourism Management of Adriatic Heritage"

Hera "Sustainable Tourism Management of Adriatic Heritage" is a project co-financed by the Cross-Border Cooperation 2007-2013 Adriatic Ipa Programme, with the aim of developing a joint cross-border platform within the Adriatic area for management and promotion of sustainable tourism based on a common cultural heritage of the Adriatic area.

Indeed, Adriatic area in terms of culture and economy was always an active area – cultural values and practices were shared, trade & partnership relations established, professionals (architects, painters, ship constructors, etc.) worked in different countries of Adriatic basin and left us valuable cultural heritage. Furthermore the Adriatic natural, cultural and artistic heritage recognised by European and world tourism demand makes Adriatic tourism potentially most important sector for the development of local economies and for employment.

Cross-border cooperation is a crucial element for the achievement of HERA’s objectives and for launching Adriatic area as a unique cultural tourism destination on the international market.

On the basis of a shared methodology & procedures, Hera is developing  cultural tourism routes containing renovated heritage sites and the entire economic chain and services connected to the product: hospitality, transport, flavours and touristic, cultural guides, etc. Hera is also working on the creation of interactive multimedia Visitor Centers where the history of each area is presented through the use of the latest ICT solutions (touch screen monitors, smartphone app, Virtual Guided Tour technology. The historical period of the city and area involved are the Greek, Roman and Venetian epochs.

Hera partnership is composed by 20 partners from 8 Countries: Croatia (Zadar County, Zadar County Development Agency Zadra Nova, Split Dalmatia County, Sibenik-Knin County, Dubronvik Neretva County, Region of Istria, County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar),  Italy (Province of Rimini, Abruzzo Region, University of Foggia, Province of Ravenna, Consortium Europe Point Teramo),  Serbia (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia), Montenegro (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Montenegro), Greece (Region of Epirus / Regional Unit of Thesprotia), Slovenia (Municipality of Postojna, Municipality of Piran), Bosnia &Herzegovina (City of Mostar, Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton Bihac)  and Albania (Albanian Development Fund).

The Arimini Caput Viarum project was carried out with the European Funds of the IPA Adriatic - Cross Border Cooperation 2007-2013 Programme within the "Hera-TOURISM HERITAGE OF ADRIATIC " project as a pilot initiative for the development of new strategies directed to the enhancement, promotion and sustainability of cultural tourism in the Adriatic area (click here for more information)