Route I - Via Flaminia


Augustus Arch

The Arch of Augustus was erected by the Roman Senate, as city gateway and located at the confluence of the Flaminian Way and the decumanus maximus. The Arch honours the figure and the politics of Ottaviano, starting from the inscription which praises him for the restoration of via Flaminia.

Corso d'Augusto
(Largo Giulio Cesare)
 Rimini (RN)


Colonnella Milestone

The milestone marked the first mile away (about 1,480 m) from the Arch of Augustus

Via Flaminia, 96
47923 Rimini (RN)


Miramare Milestone

At Miramare in the area known as "Il Terzo". There is the milestone that marked the road distance of three miles from Rimini

Via Flaminia, 352
47923 Miramare (RN)


S. Lorenzo - Pharmacies Area

Just below the Municipal Pharmacies of S. Lorenzo in Strada, remains of some buildings became museums

Via Flaminia, 25
47838 Riccione RN


Church of San Lorenzo in Strada

The church, built in the Middle Ages above the temple, was dedicated to S. Lorenzo and kept in the "last name" ‘in Strata’ the memory of the bond with Via Flaminia

Via Millesimo, 4
47838 Riccione (RN)


Bridge over the Rio Melo

Via Flaminia crossed the Rio Melo by a single arch bridge

Via Rio Melo, 62
47838 Riccione RN


The Territory Museum

The visit to the Museum is a fascinating journey through geological time

Pesa Center - Viale Lazio, 10
47838 Riccione (RN)


Queen Museum

Two exhibition floors to artefacts belonging to the periods from the Bronze age to the Roman age

Via Giovanni Pascoli, 23
47841 Cattolica (RN)


The Former Fruit and Vegetable Market

Inside the parking place behind the former Fruit and Vegetable Market some buildings are visible. For these they proposed their identification with the postal station (mansio) structures located along the route of Via Flaminia

47841 Cattolica RN