Reliving history means realising that the golden beaches we now relax on or have fun playing beach volleyball on were once the crossroads of key military and trade maritime routes and important cultural exchanges.

Interpreting our cultural heritage means understanding and helping others to understand that, while sitting in one of the many wine cellars dotted around our historic town centres, sipping a delicious glass of Sangiovese DOC wine, our gaze may fall on a bridge crossed two thousand years ago by the great military leader Gaius Julius Caesar and his legion.

The legacy of the classical world is walking under the grand arch constructed by Augustus in 27 B.C. - it was built without gates, bearing witness to great cultural open-mindedness and union between people - and realising it is still the start of the Via Emilia that crosses the wonderful tourist destinations of Emilia

Romagna, which are famous throughout the world. Four stories by the writer Matteo Cavezzali, narrated in first-person by some of the most famous figures of Roman Romagna and freely inspired by their historical feats, will help visitors relive the past, one emotion at a time, discovering their legacy and turning a holiday into an authentic journey through the ages.

"Romagna Empire in four stories" is an innovative guide conceived and created by Visit Romagna as part of the Hercultour European project, financed by the Italy-Croatia Interreg Programme 2014-2020; the aim of the project is to promote a model of experiential and conscious tourism, the use of innovative tools like Rimini and Classe Visitor Centres and new interpretative techniques to enhance and promote the vast historical and archaeological heritage of Romagna and its Roman history as a sustainable tourism product.