Sant'Innocenza and San Michelino in Foro

The Sant’Innocenza and San Michelino in Foro churches were built in the ancient forum of Rimini, which once extended further eastwards.

The first of these, dating back at least to the 10th century, was dedicated to the saint martyred early in the 4th century and stood on the site of her former home. Originally with a nave and two aisles, it was rebuilt in the 18th century with a single nave and apse, with the modest dimensions of 17 by 14 metres. Demolished in 1919 to widen the road leading to the station, the outline of its apse and part of the nave are traced in the present paving. The demolition also brought to light fragments of sculpted marble and a stone sarcophagus containing the relics of the saint.

Only part of the apse remains of the second church, and its walls show the signs of various alterations made from its initial erection in the 6th century onwards.

The church, built on the plan of a Latin cross, followed the traditions of Ravenna in both its architecture and its construction techniques, which made use of clay tubes on the vault, as can still be seen externally, even though now reutilised in other structures.

The interior, not open to the public, has frescoes in a poor state of conservation, including the image of a female saint dated around the middle of the 13th century.



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