S. Lorenzo - Pharmacies Area

Just below the Municipal Pharmacies of S. Lorenzo in Strada, remains of some buildings became museums. They are parts of a small housing cluster, perhaps coinciding with the ‘vicus Popilius’, that the local historical sources placed along Via Flaminia near Riccione.
In Republican Rome times (between III and I century BC.) the area was occupied by plants and craft buildings, on which a small necropolis and a circular cistern overlapped in imperial times (I-III century AD.). The site was again used for residential purposes in late ancient times (V-VI century AD.) with the construction of a new building and the transformation of the tank in lime kiln, a furnace where the marbles taken from the funerary monuments were cooked for a lime production. A little further on, towards the roundabout, there are also housed two parallel walls belonging to a Roman Republican era warehouse.

The remains from the habitation of San Lorenzo in Strada and from the necropolis are held in the Museum of the Territory of Riccione.

S. Lorenzo - Pharmacies Area is part of the 'Route DI - Via Flaminia


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