Roman church of San Salvatore

The church probably dates from the twelfth century and was built reutilizing material from the Roman period, this is evident in the fragments of relief work with a leafy motif on the façade, the Roman cippus with inscriptions, and the area scraped to reveal a memoir dated 1318 regarding the painter Rainaldo.

The Parish church was constructed in part with bricks and in part using blocks of stone. Inside there is an elegant apse, a single nave, and simple decoration.

Along the inside walls and at the main alter there are four exquisite Romanesque capitals.
Outside the church a large, badly damaged Roman capital serves as a pedestal for a cross. On the alter there is a statue of San Salvatore, the work of Cesare Ferronato.

It seems the Parish church was built on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to Ceres.
Of particular interest is a mutilated plaque with Gothic characters - from the 14th century - located on the north facing outer wall of the church.


Open: annual
Visited on Saturday afternoon.


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Via San Salvatore


The church can be reached from Rimini by taking Via Coriano to a locality called "Osteria del Fiume", from which point the road leads directly to the Romanesque church situated on the bank of the Marano stream. Bus n° 3