Romagnoli Palace

One of the most interesting buildings in Rimini nineteenth, on the Garampi building side on  Corso d'Augusto street. Originally property of Montelabates, than of Claudio Procacci, then of Romagnoli family. Francesco Romagnoli in 1826 commissioned Onofrio Meluzzi to redo the facade of the building and adapt it to its housing needs. The house often hosted famous people; Here Giuseppe Verdi put an end (1857) to Aroldo (two inscriptions on the façade rely on it. Later the house was transformed into Locanda della Posta (the items were in the neighboring building Garampi porch) and the last quarter of 'nineteenth century the inn became hotel Aquila d'Oro. Its activities ceased in the sixties, then the degradation. Unfortunately the great monumental staircase, the ceiling paintings, the large panel of zinc on which were painted the coats of arms of kings and princes hosted no longer exist and the building remained only the external structure. Today the building is home to the municipal offices.


Point of interest not accessible


Corso d'Augusto