Renzi Museum - S. Giovanni in Galilea

Inside the east gate of St. John fortress there are the halls of the Museum Renzi, which currently three sections of the exhibition are set up in. In the section we highlight the pre-proto Villanovan artefacts found in the tombs of St. John and the nearby town of Ripa Calbana. The Roman section exposes ceramic pottery, coins and inscriptions found in the area. In the medieval section, finally, you can see the material from the excavation of the parish of St. John the Baptist, which include votive medals, rosaries and crucifixes. 

Renzi Museum is part of route VI - Via Valle dell'Uso


From April 9 to May 9, the museum carries out visits only on reservation

for info and reservations

tel. 338 5052936


Via Matteotti, 27 47030 Borghi (FC)