Parish church of San Giovanni in Compito

The church of St. John in Compito was built in the early Middle Age on the foundations of a Roman temple, which the architectural remains visible in the square refer to.
It was situated at the point where a route of 333-334 AD places the postal station of Via Aemilia called Mutatio Competu. In the Tabula Peutingeriana, on the contrary, the village is called Ad Confluentes, probably with reference to the convergence of several roads in this area.
Both Itineraries are unanimous in placing the site at a distance of 12 miles (17.7 kilometers) from Ariminum.
In the nearby Museo del Compito materials found in the excavations conducted in the area of ​​mutatio are desplayd, among which you can see equipments from the necropolis of the imperial age found out south of Via Aemilia.

Parish church of San Giovanni in Compito is part of Route II - Via Aemilia


Via San Giovanni, 5
47039 Savignano Sul Rubicone FC