Museum of the former slaughterhouse - Bellaria

Located on the Uso riverfront, the former Macello di Igea Marina houses some remains found in Bordonchio, rich in Roman remains and where it is assumed the existence of a center of the road. The element of greatest interest is the central emblem of a polychrome mosaic that depicts a man with long hair adorned with a laurel wreath. In the glass-cases are exposed funerary objects found in tombs made ​​from the middle of the sixth century. A.D. in some nowadays abandoned sectors of the villa.

The Museum is part of Route III - Via Popilia
Road junction with Via Valle Uso (Itinerary VI)


from13/06  to 13/09
From 20:45 to 22:45
Closed: Tuesday


phone: (+39) 0541 341642 free entrance


Via Arturo Ferrarin, 30
47814 Igea Marina RN