Lighthouse and canal harbour

On the square Boscovich there is the old lighthouse that guards the port-channel, a time stretch of the mouth of the Marecchia River, diverted to the north in 1972.

The beautiful white lighthouse is 27 mt high and its light extends for more than 15 miles.

The "shovel" of the port is a favorite destination of local people for a walk; it is from here that the sail fishermen with fishing boats of the "poveracce" (clams); and it was right here that Federico Fellini used to imagine the nighttime arrival of the ocean liner “Rex”. 

On the opposite side of the port channel develops San Giuliano Mare and Marina di Rimini, the new dock opened in 2002.

The extension of the piers, which began in the eighteenth century, has contributed to the expansion of the beach. The seafront towards Riccione constitutes the main axis of the seaside settlements, which have filled any remaining space between Rimini and Riccione.


Via Destra del Porto