Archaeological Area of Classe

Archaeological Area of Classe

Archaeological Area of Classe

Archaeological Area of Classe

In the archeological area of the ancient Port of Classe, the visitors can have an approximately view of how the streets of the harbour were but also of where the buildings of the harbour (from V-VI century) were situated. In these centuries, the port was at the top of its importance as commercial seaport.

The archaeological site of the Ancient Port is located at the entrance of the harbour.
Here, at the end of the I century AD, Ottaviano Augusto built the big docks of the harbour, which allowed the entrance of the ships from the sea to the harbour.

The itinerary tour covers an area of 10.000 mq and proposes places daily frequented by people who worked in the warehouses or people who reached Classe from the harbour. Visitors get totally involevd in the atmosphere of the archaeological site.

The itinerary begins with the Visitor Center with its elliptical multimedial room, where the multiple wall and floor projections have been designed as a single system of visual involvement in order to present an historical, geographical and archaeological view of the site.

After the Visitor Center, visitors continue their walk entering the real archaeological area: here they can find a typical roman street , (stone paving street = strada basolata) and the basis of ancient warehouses, which were used for the loading and unloading of the products.

The tour itinerary continues along the route, developed around the port and the ancient paved road: here are installed 10 thematic panels showing iconographic and textual explanations and 5 reconstructive perspective views, graphic overlay panels, made of glass, showing the architectural reconstructions of elements, that are no more visible, overlapping the view of the rear landscape and giving back an idea of the complex as it was supposed to be in the ancient time.

  Archaeological Area of Classe is part of Route III - Via Popilia
Road junction with Via del  Dismano (Itinerary VII)


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