Ancient Roman Ways

In Roman times three consular roads went through Rimini: Via Flaminia, which represented a direct connection with Rome; Via Aemilia, whose name, beginning  from Augustus era, was extended to all the territory crossed by the whole road axis itself; finally, via Popilia, which, with its coastal path, allowed to reach the northern Adriatic coastal sector.
The territory of Rimini was also crossed by ancient road layouts such as via Arretina and Via Sarsinate.


Archaeological Area of Classe

In the archeological area of the ancient Port of Classe, the visitors can have an approximately view of how the streets of the harbour were but also of where the buildings of the harbour (from V-VI century) were situated.

Via Marabina 7


Antiquarium of Cesenatico

In the Antiquarium, situated on the port-canal, there are some important Roman remains

Via Armellini
1847042 Cesenatico - Ponente (FC)


Archaeological Museum of Cesena

Museo Archeologico includes Roman materials related to Curva Caesena settlement and its territory

Via Montalti, 1
47023 CESENA (FC)


Archaeological Museum T. Aldini - Forlimpopoli

The museum presents important evidence of Forum Popili, thriving commercial city founded by the Romans in the second century. B.C.

Piazza Fratti, 5
47034 Forlimpopoli FC


Bridge of San Vito

Near S. Vito church you can see the ruins of a bridge by which a diverticulum of Via Aemilia exceeded the torrent Use in the Augustan age

Via Vecchia Emilia
47922 Rimini RN


Bridge over the Rio Melo

Via Flaminia crossed the Rio Melo by a single arch bridge

Via Rio Melo, 62
47838 Riccione RN



At Castellabate there was the intersection between the Popilia and Via del Confine, a Republican era ancient road that marked Rimini north territory

Strada Statale 16 Adriatica,
47922 Rimini (RN)


Cercine della Regina

Long Via Aemilia from Rimini near S. Giustina there are the remains of a funerary monument of the early Roman Empire, in the folk tradition called the "Cercine della Regina"

Via Emilia
47922 Santa Giustina RN


Church of San Lorenzo in Strada

The church, built in the Middle Ages above the temple, was dedicated to S. Lorenzo and kept in the "last name" ‘in Strata’ the memory of the bond with Via Flaminia

Via Millesimo, 4
47838 Riccione (RN)


Church of San Michele Arcangelo

It is probably the oldest church in the Rimini area, dedicated to the patron saint of the city

Via la Pieve
47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna RN


Cistern of the Former Agricultural Consortium

A large tub paved in a herringbone pattern (opus spicatum) is kept in place.

Via Circonvallazione Meridionale, 82
47923 RIMINI


Colonnella Milestone

The milestone marked the first mile away (about 1,480 m) from the Arch of Augustus

Via Flaminia, 96
47923 Rimini (RN)


Covignano Hill

Since the sixth century B.C. Covignano Hill, full of woods and springs, was the seat of worship around the water sources, often considered curative

Via Covignano, 248
47923 RIMINI


Funerary Monument

Funerary monument with a square base, popularly named the "Petrone."

Strada Statale 9 Via Emilia, 50
47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)


Furnace at Villa Torlonia

Identified during the work on the Canale Emiliano Romagnolo, a furnace is now visible.

Via Due Martiri, 2
47030 San Mauro Pascoli FC


Milestone in the parish of San Cassiano in Decimo

Inside the church of S. Cassiano in Decimo the milestone coming from Campiano area is re-used as a basis for the lectern

Via Trava, 2
48125 Campiano RA


Milestone near the church of S. Stefano in Pisignano

In the forecourt of S. Stefano church in Pisignano the milestone road found in Vado is kept, a town located at a crossing (ford) of the river Savio

Via Crociarone, 12
48015 Pisignano RA


Miramare Milestone

At Miramare in the area known as "Il Terzo". There is the milestone that marked the road distance of three miles from Rimini

Via Flaminia, 352
47923 Miramare (RN)


Monument of Obulacco

Rebuilt in the Memorial Park it is one of the most significant examples of sepulchral monuments of the early Roman Empire

SS71, 1, 47027
Sarsina FC


Municipal Archaeological Museum

In the mediaeval monastery of the Augustinian Fathers and adjacent 14th-century church of Sant’Agostino, this is an internationally renowned museum due to the rarity, quality and quantity of artefacts on display

Via Sant'Agostino, 14
47826 Verucchio (RN)


MUSAS Historic and Archaeologic Museum

The museum groups together, presents and promotes the town’s archaeological, historical, artistic and architectural treasures.It is housed in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Cenci. The museum features sections on archaeology, history and art.

Piazzetta Monache, 1
 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)


Museum of the former slaughterhouse - Bellaria

The element of greatest interest of the Museum of the former slaughterhouse is the central emblem of a polychrome mosaic that depicts a man with long hair adorned with a laurel wreath

Via Arturo Ferrarin, 30
47814 Igea Marina RN


National Archaeological Museum of Sarsina

The finds distributed in the various rooms are all locally sourced and cover a period extending from Prehistory to High Middle Age

Via Cesio Sabino, 39
47027 Sarsina FC


National Museum of Ravenna

Within the complex of S. Vitale there are the halls of the National Museum, which preserves important examples of Roman and Byzantine times

Via San Vitale, 17


Parish church of San Giovanni in Compito

The church of St. John in Compito was built in the early Middle Age on the foundations of a Roman temple

Via San Giovanni, 5
47039 Savignano Sul Rubicone FC


Parish church of San Lorenzo in Monte - Covignano

Recent archaeological studies have dated the oldest church in V-VI cent

Via S. Lorenzo a Monte, 40
47923 Rimini (RN)


Parish Church of St. John Baptist

At St. Giovanni in Galilea, at the place called "La Piva," from 2010, you can visit the archaeological site of the parish church and the Church of St. Giovanni Battist

San Giovanni In Galilea
Forlì - FC


Parish Church of St. Mary - Novafeltria

The village is mentioned for the discovery of numerous Roman sacred and funeral inscriptions,

Strada statale Marecchia



Piazza Tre Martiri

Today the site is the square Piazza Tre Martiri which was dedicated to three young Parisians killed by Nazis towards the end of Second World War

Piazza Tre Martiri 2
47921 RIMINI


Queen Museum

Two exhibition floors to artefacts belonging to the periods from the Bronze age to the Roman age

Via Giovanni Pascoli, 23
47841 Cattolica (RN)


Renzi Museum - S. Giovanni in Galilea

Inside the east gate of St. John fortress there are the halls of the Museum Renzi, which currently three sections of the exhibition are set up in

Via Matteotti, 27

47030 Borghi (FC)


Rubicon Bridge

A stone bridge on which Via Aemilia crossed the river that, beginning from August 4, 1933, a Royal Decree recognized as the Rubicon

Via Circonvallazione, 27
47039 Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)


S. Carlo bridge

The structure, dating from the Roman Imperial era, was formed by an inner core of lime with outer sandstone

Via Roversano S. Carlo, 425
47522 Cesena (FC)


S. Lorenzo - Pharmacies Area

Just below the Municipal Pharmacies of S. Lorenzo in Strada, remains of some buildings became museums

Via Flaminia, 25
47838 Riccione RN


Santa Giustina Milestone

In front of S. Giustina church there is the milestone of Via Aemilia that signaled the fifth mile away from Rimini

Via 5° miglio
47922 Rimini RN


Stretch of Via Cervese

To the north-east of Cesena it is visible a section of the gravel road corresponding to the Roman Via Cervese

Via Cervese

Cesena FC


Tagliata di Capocolle

In the stretch between Cesena and Forlimpopoli there is a singular road infrastructure of Via Aemilia

Via Emilia Ponente, 1734
47032 Bertinoro (FC)


The bridge on the Uso

The stretch of the Republican Via Aemilia, passed Santarcangelo, crossed the river Uso by a stone bridge

Via Emilia Est
47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)


The Former Fruit and Vegetable Market

Inside the parking place behind the former Fruit and Vegetable Market some buildings are visible. For these they proposed their identification with the postal station (mansio) structures located along the route of Via Flaminia

47841 Cattolica RN


The Forum Paving

On the other side of the arch in Corso d'Augusto, Rimini's main shopping street, lies what used to be the forum of the Roman city

Via IV Novembre, 19
47921 Rimini (RN)


The Territory Museum

The visit to the Museum is a fascinating journey through geological time

Pesa Center - Viale Lazio, 10
47838 Riccione (RN)


Villa Romana

The Villa Romana of Russi is one of the most representative and best preserved rustic villas in northern Italy

Via Fiumazzo, 17
48026 Russi (RA)